Friday, February 01, 2019

Scary Health "Care" Tricks

And for once, it's not about The MVNHS© or CanuckCare©, but in our own Golden State:

"A California woman is accused of posing as a pharmacist and handling out nearly a million prescriptions before she was caught"

Turns out, she'd fraudulently claimed to have graduated from pharmacy school, and then "borrowed" the licenses of two other actual pharmacists with names similar to her own.


And Ms Le isn't the only one in trouble:

"The [
California Board of Pharmacy] is looking at revoking Walgreens’s pharmacy license at the stores where Le worked. Walgreens couldn’t tell the Board if they’d requested or reviewed Le’s pharmacist license and couldn’t furnish her employment application during the agency’s investigation."


Seems like maybe they should be working on their employment screening process (although one wonders if there's a bit of a PC angle there, as well).

One wonders how much actual damage she might have done, though: there's no mention in the article of any pending civil litigation from her "patients."

Still my absolute favorite take-away is this:

"During questioning, Le told the Board “me and my son would be very grateful if you could just forget about this.”

I bet.
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