Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Tuesday Linkfest

■ Just a thought in clarification of Justice Roberts' ObamaTax observation:

[click to embiggen]

I'd never seen it explained that way before, but that is, in fact, pitch perfect.

■ Harv Randecker (of the National Association of Alternative Benefits Consultants) alerts us to some interesting HSA news:

"Disenrollment from HSA-Eligible Health Plans Increases Employer Health Benefit Costs"

That is, deleting these types of plans actually increases ESI (Employer Sponsored Insurance) costs:

"There is evidence that individuals who disenrolled from HSA-eligible health plans were more likely to have certain health conditions than those who remained enrolled in HSA-eligible health plans"

But is the cart pulling the horse?

"Individuals with multiple conditions were even more likely to disenroll"

It's certainly a possibility.

■ This is interesting: you know all those GoFundMe campaigns to help raise money for folks facing catastrophic medical bills? Well, FoIB Rob M warns the folks behind them to tread carefully:

"[M]any people on ACA exchange policies likely also utilize GoFundMe and other "Crowdsourcing" tools to raise money for their medical expenses even if they also receive ACA subsidies ...  some funds raised via GoFundMe accounts counted as taxable income*, that means they also may* count against your ACA subsidy eligibility." [emphasis in original]

That is, if you're worried about clawback (and you should be), then you need to be aware of this potential money trap.

And by the way, great catch there by our friend Charles Gaba.
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