Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Outstanding Customer Service Trick

We recently purchased a new refrigerator to replace our previous 27 year old one (don't judge). Obviously, this entailed removing the old fridge, revealing ancient secrets which would have delighted Dr Jones.

Among them were several long-lost gift cards to various places, including one from Carrabba's Italian Grill. Since there was no indication of how much was left on it, I got online and clicked over to their company website, where there was a handy feature where one could check gift card balances. Alas, the widget required not only the card number (which I obviously had), but a 4 digit "pin number," as well (which this card lacked).

Not to be discouraged, I used the handy online contact form to explain my plight and ask for help.

I got an email reply almost immediately, asking for the card number, which I provided. What came next was purely delightful:

Can you please provide your mailing address so we can send a replacement card out in the mail? Since this card was produced back in 2007 it was not printed with a pin, which is now required at the time of redemption.

Thank you,
Gift card team"
Waitaminute! That little guy had been trapped under (or behind) our refrigerator for 11 years? Yikes! And these folks are offering to replace it?


It just doesn't get any better than that.

Thanks, Carrabba's, and kudos!
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