Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hello, and Welcome to McDoctor's!

You might have seem this in the news recently:

"New technology revolutionizing area McDonald’s with self-order kiosks"

Well, turns out MickyD's isn't the only place in town implementing this new technology. Recently, FoIB Holly R was at her new (to her) doctor's office, where she was checked in via a similar kiosk:

[click to embiggen]

(And note the hand sanitizer next to it. Heh)

"There's a bank of them with one human helper."

Imagine the airport, or the self-checkout line at the grocery store.

It makes a lot of sense in the medical setting, as well: easier HIPAA compliance, and the machines don't get a paycheck or insurance, or vacay or sick days. And this doc's figured out how to have a bunch of them: imagine how much that would cost as human office staff.

Welcome to the future.
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