Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday Potpourri

So this past August we posted on the most recent "shiny new thing," Association Health Plans, which allows otherwise disparate groups of folks (employers and individuals) to band together to create larger insurance "pools." Our friends at HAFA (Health Agents for America), tip us that some carriers are beginning to roll out actual plans:

"Land O'Lakes, several Nevada chambers of commerce, and the National Restaurant Association have formed association plans this year ... the Land O'Lakes association plan “will offer another really good choice for individuals who either don't receive a subsidy and cannot afford coverage on the exchange or for some reason prefer not to purchase that coverage.”

Interesting. And we're seeing a lot of activity lately in the group self-funded space. So perhaps the market itself is killing ObamaCare with 1,000 cuts?

We'll see.

Thanks to FoIB Dabz, we're treated to this very interesting piece on creative (and viable) ways to deal with the (over-hyped) pre-existing conditions issue. For example:

"... the option of buying coverage at some point in the future—insurance against developing a health condition that makes one uninsurable."

This is not new; a decade ago we noted that (now-defunct) American Community Mutual rolled out "Community Flex," it starts out as an accident policy (major claims are only paid for injury, not illness), with some coverage for doc visits, preventive care, and a drug discount card ...  if you want more coverage, such is available through a "Gold Plan" buy-up."

And of course, "Dave's Plan" takes a similar approach:

"The capper, though, is that the plan has a rider that allows the insured, at their discretion (and with with no additional underwriting) to convert it to a major medical plan."

Which is to say, Chris Jacobs at The Federalist is spot on.

As we've long noted (most recently here), The VA is a hot mess. And if you still harbor any doubts, well:

Wonderful Veteran's Day.
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