Friday, November 09, 2018

Stupid, Self-Defeating Carrier Tricks

So, have a (long-time) client that needs a short term medical plan. Decided on one from United Healthcare (don't judge). After choosing deductible and co-insurance options, we started the "Broker Assisted Application" process (which basically means that I fill in his name and date of birth, etc, and checking account info). Once that's done, I press a button that sends him a link, he completes that link with his last name and date of birth, then hits continue to send it back to me for finalization.

Well, that's the way it's supposed to work, anyway.

What happened this morning - repeatedly - was that he would get the link, enter the info, press the magic button, and be told:

"Application not found."

Really, then how the $@()*^ did you know to send him the link in the first place, dummies?

After repeating this another time, with different browsers and same results, I called the ever-helpful people at Home Office. They advised me that he needs to complete this process from Google Chrome. I responded, well then, maybe we'll just use the "via text" option, and was assured that this process will not work for the application portion.

Then why offer it, you dolts??

This person wants to give you money and you're making it difficult for him to to do so?

Wow, just wow.
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