Friday, November 16, 2018

Health Care Sharing Ministries in the crosshairs

This just in:

"Nebraska published a consumer alert about health care sharing ministries - consumers should be aware of the significant limitations (like no-legal-responsibility-to-pay-claims-level limitations)"

Why this is just now being treated as "breaking news" is beyond me: we've been pointing out these very real problems for years:

"My claim from October had still not been paid. Yesterday I received a notice dated April 19, 2017 that since I was no longer a paying member my medical claims are no longer eligible for payment!"

Of course, these plans have their good sides, as well: ACA-compliant, relatively inexpensive, often include decent benefits (and omit unnecessary ones that tend to drive up rates). But as I point out to my own clients, they aren't insurance, so there's really no recourse if they decline a claim or simply fold up shop. And, as the report points out, there are often significant limitations in what's covered (and for how much).

Still, they remain a viable ObamaPlan alternative, as long as one joins up with eyes wide open.

[Hat Tip: Rachel Schwab]
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