Friday, November 30, 2018

Autism & Death: Euthenasia in the spotlight

What with the measles news out of North Carolina (and Israel), vaccines and the folks on the anti-vaxx bandwagon are at one another (again). We tend to side with the folks who think protecting our children (and hence our communities) seems like a no-brainer, but the anti-vaxx folks contend that the medicine leads directly (and inexorably) to autism.

Okay, so what's your point, Henry?

Well, it seems that the folks who run nationalized health care schemes have their own vendetta out for the autistic among us:

But that was then, and this is, well:

As we've long noted, the challenge with state-run health "care" schemes is that it is, ultimately,the state that gets to make real life-and-death decisions. And, of course, the culture itself plays an important role: why else would this doc think helping a young woman kill herself was acceptable?
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