Monday, October 01, 2018

More from The Standard

The innovative folks at The Standard strike again. Readers may recall our post last month about the carrier's Family Care Benefit:

"[H]elp your client take time for caregiving. This benefit provides cash to replace lost income due to working fewer hours and earning less income to care of a family member."

I could see that as a sort of Long Term Care insurance supplement, as well.

Anyway, they have a new bennie available that seems like it could be very helpful for folks with college debt. Via email this morning:

"With the Student Loan Rider, if you become totally disabled ... we'll reimburse all or a a portion of your student loan payments so you don't fall behind."

I could see this as particularly helpful for attorneys and physicians, who can rack up big student loan bills and take a while to start earning enough to begin chipping away at the debt.

Very cool!

[Hat Tip: Diversified Brokerage]
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