Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How to succeed at Obamacare Without, Well...

So I did my Marketplace re-certification this morning, enabling me to sell ObamaPlans in the upcoming Open Enrollment v6.0. I anticipate that comp will continue to be less than generous, but at least we have some choices this year. As part of the re-cert curriculum, I learned that CMS has a Circle of Champions" award package, which includes "a letter, badge, and access to a certificate" presumably suitable for framing. All for selling (IIRC) 20 or more plans during this Open Enrollment season.

But seems like someone may have found a short-cut. Thanks to co-blogger Bob V, we learn about this enterprising family:

"A father and son from California have pleaded guilty for their roles in a scheme that defrauded more than $27 million from Affordable Care Act programs in at least 12 states ...  the Whites fraudulently enrolled people in ACA plans in states where those people did not live."

They then signed these folks up for (expensive?) substance abuse programs and pocketed the reimbursement fees.

One wonders if they signed up enough folks to earn that sweet CMS swag.
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