Friday, September 28, 2018

UHC all-in on wearables

This past summer, I had my annual physical. Okay, to be more accurate, I had a physical for the first time in  [too many] years. As a result of which, we've transitioned to a low-carb diet, and I've joined The Cult of the FitBit©. It's not so bad, really, and I've noticed that I feel better (although I don't seem to have instantly shed substantial poundage). I bring this up because, as we noted last week, insurance companies are really pushing widgets like mine:

"John Hancock, one of the oldest and largest North American life insurers, will stop underwriting traditional life insurance and instead sell only interactive policies that track fitness and health data through wearable devices."

But that's on the life insurance side. Today's email brings us this news from United Healthcare and the health insurance side:

"Help clients get fit for less: Savings on Samsung wearable devices."

That is, UHC policyholders are now eligible for some significant price breaks on Samsung's versions of these devices (about 40% off).

Sweet (and healthy)!
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