Tuesday, September 25, 2018

MVNHS© takes a hit

Science: How does it work?

"NHS sued for failure to help transgender patients with fertility"

No kidding?

This time, it's really not the Much Vaunted National Health Service© at fault, though. The rocket surgeons at Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission is suing the Service because it doesn't pay for the (non-existent) fertility rights of those who choose to change genders (they seem to have no problem paying for the sex-change surgery, however).

The Commission has put the MVNHS© on notice that before the surgery physicians must offer to extract and store ovum and sperm of the victims patients. Unfortunately, that process hasn't been a covered expense, and some folks can't afford it.

One wonders when the British anorexic community will sue to be provided with diet pills.

[Hat Tip: Co-blogger Mike]
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