Monday, August 06, 2018

They keep using that word....

Tweet from EBA Magazine about Congress' current effort to expand HSA's:
Thing is, folks in the "benefits press" (for lack of a better term) keep referring to ACA-compliant "High Deductible Health Plans" as if this has any actual meaning.

Okay, Henry, what the heck are you going on about?

Well, until the age of ObamaCare, HDHP's meant HSA-compliant true Catastrophic coverage, no bells or whistles, just policies that paid for the truly disastrous claims (think cancer or brain surgery, for example). Not low cost maintenance meds, flu shots or simple primary care. In other words, what insurance should be.

Now comes O'Care, with $6,000+ deductibles and $14,000+ out-of-pockets, but with a panoply of first dollar preventive care "benefits" (well, mostly just for women), and premiums that look like mortgage payments on a mansion.

These are not what we should be calling "HDHP's," confusing non-industry folks who just want to be able to afford their premiums (and to use their plan).

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