Thursday, July 12, 2018

Artwork Liability Update

Last month, we reported on the strange case of the child versus the glass sculpture:

"[T]he young lad, attending a wedding reception replete with expensive (and apparently fragile) art work, who (apparently accidentally) knocked over a priceless glass statue."

Well, maybe not "priceless:"

"A Kansas mother says an insurance company wants her family to pay $132,000"

Now, if you're wondering about how that seemingly-arbitrary value was assigned, well, it appears to have been the sales price of said sculpture [ed: notwithstanding that "asking price" isn't necessarily "what someone ultimately pays"]. In the event, there was some dispute about whether or not the child actually touched, let alone knocked over, the piece.

The good news is that this is now settled:

So, that's that, and we appreciate the tip from FoIB NARNfan who also asks (one presumes rhetorically) "How much would you get if you stole it and fenced it?"

The world may never know.
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