Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Death Be Not Proud - But Being MVNHS© Is Fine

Last time we looked, we saw that Britain's Much Vaunted National Health System© was delighted to spend prodigious pounds to enforce its death sentence on an innocent toddler:

"NHS spent almost a quarter of a million dollars asserting its right to let this child die instead of allowing his family to take him to Italy at no cost to the British taxpayerWhen they say it's time to die they mean it"


And as if further proof was necessary [ed: no, it's not, really!], the folks at LifeNews tell us that "at least 450, and probably more than 650, people’s lives were ended as a result of being given dangerous amounts of unnecessary opiates."

And to what purpose?

Well, it certainly wasn't for their recreational enjoyment.

Rather, it was to make darned sure that they knew their place. Which was, as it turns out, *6 feet 1.8288 meters under:

"Hospital Staff Caught Euthanizing Hundreds of Patients: “If a Nurse Didn’t Like You, You Were a Goner ... the ones most likely to get the treatment appeared to be not the sickest, but the most ‘difficult.'"

Well, that explains it then: can't have unruly or unlikeable patients, dont'cha know.

To be fair, and as we've repeatedly pointed out, this is certainly a time-tested way to rein in soaring health "care" costs under the MVNHS© model. Since it's free, how else to ration it .... fairly?
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