Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I did not know this

We've blogged before about the blatant sexual discrimination inherent in the ObamaTax's EHB (Essential Health Benefits) schedule:

"So for all this talk about covering birth control convenience items and mammograms (to name but two), there is no corresponding requirement to cover, say, prostate exams or even STD screening for XY'ers."

This includes, by the way, male birth control items.

But in some states, that's changed. The folks at UnitedHealthcare inform us that:

"The IRS knows that several states have recently adopted laws that require certain health insurance policies and arrangements to provide benefits for male sterilization or male contraceptives without cost sharing [eg "free"]."

This was news to me (also, anyone know which states these would be? Apparently my google-fu is lacking today).

In the event, this created a problem for folks who had (what they thought were) HSA-compliant plans:

"A plan that provides male sterilization and male contraceptive benefits without cost sharing or with a deductible lower than required under Section 223, is not an HDHP, even if the coverage is required by a state." [emphasis added]

Which means that if you're fortunate(?) enough to live in one of these states, and own such a policy, you're prohibited from contributing to your HSA.


The good news is that the Bueauweenies in DC
© have graciously consented to (temporarily) waive that restriction, at least until 2020.

What would be even better would be to require that the ACA actually conform to the 4th Amendment, and either add male contraceptive (and other male-specific) coverage, or do away with such cover altogether.

Hey, a boy can dream, no?
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