Friday, April 27, 2018

Customer Service ProTip

When you want/need customer service, don't curse at the agent.

One would think that this is obvious, but yesterday a former customer called asking/yelling/complaining about an older long term care policy. But he didn't make that clear to the receptionist, who transferred the "gentleman" to one of our auto/home agents, whom he began to berate and curse. She tried valiantly to ascertain what he needed, and finally understood that it was about his LTCi plan. She told him that he needed to talk to me, but that she wouldn't transfer him until he'd calmed down.

He continued to curse at her, so she hung up, and then buzzed me with a heads' up.

Sure enough, this rocket surgeon called back, and demanded to talk with me. I had already decided how to handle him. He immediately started in, insulting the CSR. I told him that I didn't appreciate his cursing my colleague, and that I would give him the phone number he needed and then I expected never to hear from him again.

At which point he very deliberately said "f*ck you" and hung up.

Without getting the information he needed.


I have decided that if he calls back, he will be subject to my (just made up and completely arbitrary) $100 consulting fee, payable in cash, in advance.

Hope he calls.....
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