Monday, March 05, 2018

Latest #ACA Winners and Losers

Last time we checked, Blue Cross/Shield of North Carolina had just "filed for a 22.9 percent rate increase."

So how'd that work out?

Well, FoIB Jeff M alerts us that the carrier - the largest in The Tar Heel State - appears to have done okay for itself, as it:

"[H]as reported a higher than anticipated net income margin in 2017 at 7.8 cents for every dollar of revenue."

I bet.

Over on The Twitter, Dr Ari Friedman warns us about the dangers of ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion:

"Declining Medicaid Fees and Primary Care Appointment Availability for New Medicaid Patients"

To be fair: someone has to pay the piper.

Finally, longtime FoIB Holly R tips us to this bit of non-helpful rhetoric from the anti-ACA side:

"Sen. Orrin Hatch calls Obamacare supporters 'stupidest, dumbass people'

The Senator may not be wrong, but this kind of inartful, divisive and insulting characterization does not help out the good guys. In fact, it cheapens and denigrates the anti-ObamaCare argument.

Respectfully: Zip it, sir.
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