Thursday, March 01, 2018

"Duty of Care"

Our friend Peter Shulteis at Global Underwriters wants folks to be aware of some critical issues related to working in distant lands:

"The number of people driving and flying for business purposes each year is astounding. The Global Business Travel Association counts over 488 million trips taken annually. Each year business travelers take an average of 12 trips, typically lasting at least 5 days. An estimated 1.3 million business trips occur daily in the U.S. alone. These figures are expected to grow another 7% this year.

Even with video conferencing, webinars, and daily conference calls business travel continues to increases and is vital to the success of your clients company. Hectic schedules, missed flights, transportation issues, and hotel problems are the least of employees' worries. Many employees are citing concerns related to personal security, terrorism, political unrest and infectious disease epidemics.

It's crucial that companies and organizations embrace Duty of Care obligations [ed: about which we've previously posted] and take the necessary steps to reduce potential dangers or problems that could occur while employees travel. Employers need to have a well communicated plan in place and part of this plan is providing Business Travel Accident (BTA) insurance for their employees. BTA insurance is an inexpensive benefit that supplements any employee benefit program. This World Class Protection is designed to offset the risk and potential loss of a key employee(s) and to compensate families of employees for their loss of income due to accidental death or permanent disability of a loved one

So, what is Business Travel Accident (BTA) insurance? Basically, it "provides protection for employees who travel on business domestically and / or internationally."

By the way, this is available both for American companies sending folks abroad, and for business travelers coming to our fair shores.

Peter goes on to note:

"Most companies and organizations are innocently unaware of potential hazards that exist for employees that travel on behalf of the company or organization. Employers need to know how a Business Travel Accident (BTA) policy can mitigate risk for both the company and employee(s). Serious consequences can be levied against companies or organizations that neglect to properly insure or protect their employees when they travel."

Thanks, Peter!

And readers interested in more detailed info on BTA should click here.
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