Thursday, January 25, 2018

Potential Good News

Our friend Jeff M tips us that Gem State citizens may soon have the option of buying non-ACA compliant plans:

"Idaho says no Obamacare needed for some new insurance plans ... on Wednesday revealed a plan that will allow insurance companies to sell cheap policies that ditch key provisions of the Affordable Care Act."

While this is indeed good news (because it means that at least some lawmakers "get it"), it's a far cry from a done deal:

First, as folks in medical-marijuana states have come to learn, Feds trump states. So, any such plans are going to be subject to the ObamaTax (at least for now). Which isn't necessarily an insurmountable impediment, but something to keep in mind.

Second, which carrier's going to put in the time, manpower and - critically - money to develop and price a plan available in only one state (and the 39th in terms of population, at that)? In general, insurance companies are reluctant "first adopters."

On the other hand, if this actually happens, it would represent the first effective argument I've seen for "sales across state lines."

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