Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Interesting Carrier News

Good news:

"Aflac is doubling its 401(k) match and adding additional employer-sponsored benefits as part of what the company says will be a $250 million investment initiative over the next three to five years."

The company says that these are a direct result of the recent tax bill.


Interesting news:

"Gladys is apprehensive about getting her blood drawn ... With Legacy Optimizer Indexed Universal Life insurance. Gladys can apply without needing to provide blood work or visiting a doctor"

This from the folks at North American, for folks who need the protection (and the potential for cash value growth) but have trypanophobia.

Financial news:

"Low 2016 Individual Health Margins Trimmed Insurers' Rebate Bills"

As expected, MLR itself put the squeeze on carrier profitability (and notice that as MLR has increased, agent comp has declined, even though there should be no direct correlation).

And there's this:

"[F]ewer insurers earned enough to owe rebates to the enrollees."

Thus offering even more proof (as if it was needed) that the ObamaCare's end-goal has always been Single Payer.

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