Thursday, January 18, 2018

From the Mailbag: Muddy P&C

Last week, FoIB Jeff M and I were chatting and the subject of the (horrific and now deadly) California mudslides came up. We wondered if (and/or how) one would be covered if one's house (literally) went downhill.

Eventually, we turned to Co-blogger Bob, who's a regular participant in an agents' forum, and asked him to research there for this on our behalf.

We were not disappointed.

The two most helpful replies:

"Most HO policies exclude flood and earth movement. The NFIP forms define what "mudflow" is. DIC policies may cover mudslides and earth movement, but if it's in an area blighted by wildfire, availability and affordability could be an issue for a DIC policy."


"Hello! Here's what I heard back from our underwriter @ Safeco... I am based at CA.

'No coverage for mudslide, only possibly covered under Flood coverage depending on the % of water in it (a mudflow). There is no coverage for hotel/food etc. under the home policy either if evacuated due to the mudslide. Mudslide is covered under EQ if a result of an earthquake

Thanks, Bob (and IF folks)!
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