Monday, January 15, 2018

Dr. Facebook

With so many wonderful and useful site where one can get medical information and "advice", we find it odd that people would troll social media for health information. Yet, according to Dr. Audrey Nath (Kevin MD) if you want REALLY GOOD advice you go to Facebook.

Here is a sample query as paraphrased by Dr. Nath.
“Help! My baby has a fever, what do I do? I have a pediatrician, but I
clearly trust you guys more than that guy,”
or, even better, “My child is ill and also having mental status changes that are rather concerning. Also, of equal importance, I need you to tell me exactly when the Mongolian spot on her back will disappear. Thanks in advance!”
Whatever happened to mom's advice about "never trust a stranger"?

One response to a question related to stomach distress.
“Grape juice is a remedy for any gastroenteritis, given that it changes the pH of stomach acid, and therefore, has some sort of antiviral effect.”
If grape juice is all that is needed take them to communion. Sure, some churches use real wine but even Apostle Paul said a little wine is good for digestion.

With sterling advice like this it makes you wonder why doc's charge so much for a consultation. And remember that Facebook does not charge a dime for membership.

Gives a whole new meaning to socialized medicine.

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