Thursday, January 04, 2018

Compare & Contrast: CanuckCare vs MVNHS©

Our Neighbors to the North©'s latest offering:

Interesting self-correction by Dr Langer:

"Yes, it’s not ‘free’, it’s no-cost at purchase. People like me pay for it through our taxes. As it should be" [emphasis added]

To which the only rational response is: Why?

But it gets better (for certain values of "better"):

"N.H.S. Overwhelmed in Britain, Leaving Patients to Wait ... At some U.K. emergency wards, patients are waiting more than 12 hours to be cared for."

Again free health "care." But as we keep asking, what good is "free" health care if one can't actually, you know, receive it?

We already see that happening here as a result of ObamaCare's narrow networks and sky-high out-of-pocket costs (even leaving premiums aside).


[Hat Tip: FoIB Holly R]
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