Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Can’t say I’m surprised. You?

According to Gallup, “After four years of Affordable Care Act implementation, the percentage of adults with no health care insurance has hit 12.2 percent”

So is that an increase or a reduction? The linked article continues:

In the last quarter of 2016, the percentage of uninsured hit a record low of 10.9 percent. A year later, in the last quarter of 2017, the percentage of uninsured increased by 1.3 points—the largest single-year increase Gallup has seen since it began tracking the measure in 2008.”

Based on US population of approximately 320 million, each 1-percentage point increase to the uninsured rate is about 3.2 million people. Do the math.  The number of uninsured Americans increased by more than 4 million just at one enrollment - 2017!  (For any progressives who may struggle with math, 3.2 x 1.3  = 4.1). Don't forget the premiums for 2017 were set B.T. - Before Trump.  

Also note that after 4 years of Obamacare, and despite the “mandate”, Americans age 26-34 have the highest  uninsured rate = 20.1%.   Can’t say that’s a surprise either.
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