Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How Congress Can Fix Medicare

Congress needs to fix Medicare.

No they don't. It is fine the way it is. Besides, I EARNED it.

DC has been stealing money from the Trust Fund for years. Now there is nothing left to pay benefits.

Actually, the HI portion (Part A) seems to be solid for now. The Supplemental Insurance (Part B) is a bit more stable, mostly because it is funded in part by beneficiary premiums and "discretionary" general tax revenues.

The bigger problem facing Medicare is the decline in the ratio of workers paying taxes to beneficiaries.

But no worries. The folks at Juniper Research Group have it all figured out.

the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in October released an updated analysis of illustrative proposals to create a premium support program for Medicare. The report explained how and why premium support could save even more money than CBO had estimated just a few years ago.
To the uninitiated, premium support would transform Medicare into a program roughly akin to the federal employee health benefit plan, or the Obamacare exchanges established in 2014. Insurers, including traditional government-run Medicare, would bid against each other to offer the usual complement of Medicare services. - MSN

Look at the statement in bold.

The solution is to create another Obamacare exchange, except for Medicare.

Tell me how well this has worked and then we can discuss it further.

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