Monday, November 20, 2017

Paying the Obamacare Poor Tax

When opened for business a few weeks ago many were shocked at the prices. You would think by now most folks would understand that quality health insurance like Obamacare isn't cheap.

You get what you pay for.

The substandard plans offered before 2014 were horrible. Families with premiums under $500 per month were getting cheated. Many of those plans did not cover maternity. Women were forced to open their purses to pay for their own birth control pills. People who wanted annual exams had to actually PAY for these services.

Thanks to Obamacare almost all the carriers that offered these low rent policies have been driven out of the market place. Now many of those health care services are FREE. Women who want babies no longer have to plan ahead and save money to pay for the birth.

Their Obamacare insurance plans pay the cost of maternity so they don't have to.

Junk health insurance plans have been replaced with Olympic metal plans like bronze, silver and gold that are easy to understand and compare.

Now consumers actually KNOW what they are getting for their money.

 Consumers here at first did not believe the health insurance premiums they saw when they went shopping for coverage this month on Only five plans were available, and for a family of four with parents in their mid-30s, the cheapest plan went typically for more than $2,400 a month, nearly $30,000 a year. - NY Times

If you want quality you must expect to pay for it.

A $2 steak just isn't the same as a $30 steak. The reason why one steak has a higher price than the other is because the difference in the two is unmistakable. You don't need refined taste buds to appreciate the better things in life.

The situation here in Charlottesville is an extreme example of a pattern that can be seen in other places around the country. The Affordable Care Act is working fairly well for people who receive subsidies in the form of tax credits, said Doug Gray, the executive director of the Virginia Association of Health Plans, which represents insurers. But for many others, especially many middle-class families, he said, “the premium is outrageous, and it’s unaffordable.

Some say $30 for a steak is outrageous.

I say they just don't appreciate quality.

If you think options are slim now and premiums are high, you haven't seen anything yet. Not everyone appreciates a fine wine and delicious juicy steak.

Let them eat cake.

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