Monday, November 27, 2017

Much Vaunted National Health System© strikes again

Another day, another MVNHS© screw-up:

"A glamorous equestrian has been left in agony and vomiting her excrement after she claims minor keyhole surgery went horribly wrong"

34-year old Kelly Yeoman was initially hospitalized for a small "fluid filled sac" on her ovary. But by the time the (rocket?) surgeons were done with her, she was left confined to a hospital bed, her body "slowly filling with her own excrement."

And since it's not likely that her care's going to be getting any better under the auspices of the MVNHS©, her family and friends are trying to raise about $13,000 so she can avail herself of private treatment.

And it's urgent:

"[H]er bowel could perforate at any moment – at best meaning she would need a colostomy."

But hey, free!
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