Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Back in the (MMO) Saddle Again

As regular readers know, I've basically called a moratorium on new individual health insurance sales. At least part of that is driven by the fact that my immediate service area offers exactly 3 carrier options, none of which I'm interested in representing (let alone selling).

But just a few miles north of here, Medical Mutual of Ohio still maintains a footprint, and I received a call from a young lady who was interested in climbing aboard the MMO bandwagon.

She's currently with Anthem, which is going away at the end of December (so much for that explicit promise). Fortunately for her, MMO offers a plan that fits her needs and budget, and is available off-Exchange (she's not subsidy-eligible, so no reason to venture into that dark cavern). I popped over the the MMO agent portal, ran the quote, and about 15 minutes later had her all signed up.

So why did I agree to write this case?

Well, for one, thing, it killed me to leave this poor lady hanging: she knew enough to avoid the online marketing sharks, and had educated herself on what she really needed. In short, exactly the kind of client I prefer.

So, sometimes the exception makes the rule.
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