Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Another few words on Open Enrollment

Building on yesterday morning's post, it bears repeating that even though I'm no longer active in the individual market, I still get calls, emails and referrals seeking my assistance. Since I'm loathe to just leave folks hanging, here's a brief recap of what we usually discuss:

First, going bare is not necessarily an irrational decision. When one is facing thousands (often tens of thousands) of dollars in out-of-pocket before a plan kicks in, well, it's difficult not to at least consider this route.

Second, of course, is an ObamaPlan (although these have become increasingly difficult to find, since so many areas have only one or two available). These satisfy the ObamaTax, and cover pre-existing conditions.

Third would be Short Term Medical plans, which don't satisfy the mandate, but offer lower premiums and out-of-pockets.

Fourth would be Health Care Sharing Ministries, which are ACA-compliant, but pose their own challenges.

And finally, there's what I call "Dave's Plan," which is not ACA-compliant, but can offer a valuable bridge at a reasonable price.

And yes, I know: DPC is also an option,but I'm not going there until there's a cat plan available to wrap it.

Did I miss any?
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