Friday, October 27, 2017


So, despite the fact that I still have no current plans to actually sell ObamaPlans, as a service to my clients (and IB readers), I fell on my sword and spent half the day taking the 2018 Marketplace Refresher Course, for which I received a beautiful certificate of completion (suitable for framing!).

As expected, there really wasn't much new ground covered, although I was once again nonplussed to find this tidbit:

"The IRS routinely works with taxpayers who owe amounts they cannot afford to pay. The law prohibits the IRS from using liens or levies to collect any individual shared responsibility payment. However, if a taxpayer owes a shared responsibility payment, the IRS may offset that liability against any tax refund that may be due to the taxpayer."

Once again I ask: if there's literally no teeth here, how many folks have actually, voluntarily ponied up their "fair share?" And again, I could find no definitive answer on the Interwebs.

Would gladly accept any suggestions or info.
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