Thursday, October 26, 2017

Renewal Mania 2017

Riffing off Patrick's report below: In the past, we've seen how hard even grandmothered plans have been hit by ObamaCare rate decreases. Today got very interesting: email from Medical Mutual of Ohio alerted me to a handful of individual major medical plans with January 1, 2018 renewals.

And for once, it really was a pretty picture (mostly):
■ Out of 6 plans, two had no change (increase) at all.

■ 3 had nominal (a few pennies or dollars a month) increases (one was 7 cents!)

■ 1 had a whopping 5% increase (about $30 a month for a family of four)
On the other hand, the one ObamaPlan that came up experienced a rate drop of 26%, as promised.

Oh, I'm sorry, my bad:

That's a 26% rate increase (over $60 a month for a single, middle-aged lady).

#ACAWinning, indeed.
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