Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Who Lives, Who Dies

Talk radio host Dennis Prager enlightens me in ways others do not. While most talk radio focuses on politics or news, his show is different. It does address current issues but also offers up topics like the Male-Female Hour that discusses gender differences. Another is the Ultimate Issues Hour that plumbs the depths of human conscious.

One thing I really enjoy is the way Dennis weaves life lessons in his discussions punctuated with references to Jewish and Christian values. He is a practicing Jew and teacher who has studied many of the world religions, including Christianity. Frequent references to the Torah and Bible are interjected into his topics but his show is not a religious show. It is extremely educational and thought provoking.

Tonight is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. I am not Jewish, nor am I an expert on their customs. For that I defer to Hank.

Jewish prayers intrigue me. The depth of emotion is captivating and insightful. One of the High Holy Day prayers is about "Who lives, who dies and who tells your story". Fascinating topic.

the creative tension centers on the question:  who drives the story of your life?  Is the story of your life fundamentally what you do, the choices you make, the path you chart, the relationships you forge, the work you do that is either meaningful to you or just a paycheck, the health you do or do not take care of,  the family ties you do or do not nurture?  Or, is life what happens to you? - Temple Emanuel 

Is there more to life than a bank account, social status or a career?

Who drives your story?  You can call it the fates, you can call it good luck or bad luck, you can call it God if that happens to be your theology, but it is clear that stuff happens, the vicissitudes of health and wealth and career, happen to you, and that has a decisive impact on your story.

I encourage you to click the link and read the Rabbi's life lesson. Notice how he mixes the story of Hamilton, the essence of the prayer and closes with sharing how Sheryl Sandberg dealt with the sudden loss of her husband.

Read, learn, explore your life story at a level that perhaps you never have before.

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