Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wednesday Linkapalooza: FoIB edition

First up, via our friend Joe K, a story of subsidy #Clawback and a (non?)dependent son:

"Junior did not live with Mom and Dad. Junior was on his own and working, but applied for Section 36B largesse. All this unbeknownst to Senior and Delores. Until."

So he applied for, and received, a subsidy, unbeknownst to Mom and Dad. Who then got nicked for the balance.

Oh, and the boy is a real winner:

"Junior puts in an affidavit, but never shows for the trial."

Gee, thanks, son.

Next comes this post from The Political Hat:

"Now, in Canada, a doctor can not only deny life-saving treatment for a person in their right mind who wants it, but actually have that patient, against the patient’s will and with their full mental faculties, outright executed by lethal injection"

And no, that's not hyperbole, nor is it much of  surprise. As we noted earlier this year:

"Euthanasia became legal in Canada in June and by December Quebec bioethicists had already published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics calling for organ donation after euthanasia."

To be fair, parts is parts.

On a happier note, and in the waning days of Life Insurance Awareness Month, Allison Bell tells us that:

"Young Consumers' Life Activity Rises ... says U.S. individual life insurance application activity for consumers under age 45 increased 0.2%, year over year."

That's according to the folks at the MIB.

Good news!
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