Monday, September 18, 2017

More ObamaPlan Anecdata

So, two (more) examples:

■ Email from Betty:

"Don't know if you'll remember me, but in April/May 2016 you had helped me evaluate health insurance for me with my husband retiring.  It ended up that going through his COBRA was the best option for me at the time.  Well, I'm now coming to the close of that (have coverage through Jan. 2018), but I know sign up for the ACA is Nov. 1. - Dec. 15 so I need to start the process again.  Are you still available to help me?"

In reply, I told her about my decision to hand these off to trusted partner Cornerstone.

She responded:

"I'm sorry, but I really don't understand your response.  This sounds different from they way things were when we sat down and talked before.  At that time you had looked into different insurance companies to see what they offered, etc.  Now are you saying you know of someone else who would do this for me?  You had helped me search out options instead of me going on the ACA website myself."

So I sent her the link to my post last year on why I've decided to sit out (for the most part) Open Enrollment.

I wasn't terribly surprised to receive this:

"Per your blog, I would like to talk to the folks at Cornerstone.  Please forward my info to them for referral.  Thanks!"

And of course I will.

■ A few days later, Sheila called me about her health insurance needs. She immediately launched into a request for a detailed description of the various companies we represent, as well as plan options and costs.

I cut her off as quickly as I could, telling her "no, I can't do that."

There was a moment of stunned silence, and she asked "Why not? I work at a schoold and they've always provided that to me." I explained that they're a rather large organization that can afford to do that, and that I no longer sell plans in between Open Enrollment (she and her children seem to qualify for a Special Open Enrollment).

She immediately understood, and asked if  could refer her to another agent. I told her that I don't know of any other local agents still selling health insurance outside of Open Enrollment. She took that in, and then asked "well, what can I do?"

I didn't want to leave this poor lady just twisting in the wind, so I directed her to the site, and gave her some pointers about navigating it (SWIDT?).

Thus life under ObamaCare.
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