Friday, September 22, 2017

Medicare Open Enrollment 2018

Medicare 2018 Open Enrollment starts on October 15th and ends on December the 7th. Where can I get answers to my questions? What can I change? What can't I change? Why should I change?

Where can I get answers about Medicare Open Enrollment 2018?

Almost anywhere.

1-800-MEDICARE or is where many look for answers. Others will call a carrier. Some will talk with SHIP volunteers while others prefer an agent.

You can also ask your hair stylist, your mechanic, the person who mows your yard.

The list is endless.

The more appropriate question is, "Where can I find reliable information that is useful?".

What can I change?

Your Medicare Advantage plan, your drug plan.

What can't I change?

Your supplement plan UNLESS you answer health questions and are approved by an underwriter.

Why should I change?


If you have a Medicare Advantage plan and don't like your 2018 benefits and/or provider networks, consider other options.

If you have a stand alone drug plan, and especially if you have not changed it in several years, you are probably paying too much for your medications. For more detail on this visit Medicare Open Enrollment 2018 at Georgia Medicare Plans and scroll down to"Medicare Drug Plans Are Confusing".

Medicare supplement plans can be changed any time (subject to medical underwriting). My advice on changing supplement plans is to do it any time of the year OUTSIDE OF Medicare open enrollment.

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