Friday, August 25, 2017

Customer Service Done Right

Regular readers may recall that our poor little puppy has had some knee issues; last Friday was the third (and final) procedure. While we couldn't be more pleased with the professionals at Cincinnati MedVet (and especially orthopedist Dr Maritato), it's pretty frustrating for the poor thing to have spent something like 25% of her life in the "cone of shame."

Part Most of the problem is that she makes the Energizer Bunny look like a sloth, and so she's on multiple sedatives and anti-anxiety meds to help keep her calmed down some (although, as I observed to Dr M, they could be Skittles for all the good they seem to do). Anyway, in an effort to keep at least some of our out-of-pocket in check, we're using an online prescription service. Which is fine, except that we asked for only a few days' worth last Friday, presuming that we'd have everything put to bed quickly.

Unfortunately, that was not to be: one of the meds was taking a lot longer than we'd anticipated:

I initially placed the order on Saturday, but was told that I needed the vet to call or fax the prescription to them. Okay, no problem, I'll get on that first thing Monday. And they did, in fact get the scrip up to HealthWarehouse, at which point the process came to an abrupt halt. For the next two days, I diligently checked the little "order tracker" tool, but it never budged from "Processing." The meter was running, though: remember, I'd only asked for a few days worth from the vet.

So on Wednesday, I called and spoke with the very nice (and most helpful) Andrew. He checked and saw that the holdup was that they were waiting for a new shipment from their supplier. I pointed out that A) no one had told me this and B) there seemed to be no effort to keep their customers in the loop. I also told him about our timing problem, and he was quite sympathetic, promising to check into it and then get back to me.

Which, a few hours later, he did. And informed me that the major speed-bump was that they only had about two thirds of the order on hand; would I be willing to accept that and then they'd ship the balan -- "YES! Do it!"

So, we've now received most of the order, and the rest will come in due time. I could not be more pleased with how this turned out (well, other than I do wish they'd do a better job keeping their customers updated when there's a glitch).

So, Kudos to HealthWarehouse, and especially to Andrew.
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