Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Linkfest

FoIB Avik Roy makes a point about the Emperor's New Clothes CBO scoring fiasco:

"73% Of Coverage Difference Between Obamacare & GOP Bills Driven By Individual Mandate"

Okay, but what does that mean? It's actually pretty simple: not forcing folks to buy something doesn't mean they won't, anyway. And it certainly doesn't "strip" anyone of coverage, either (another popular meme).


A few years ago, we blogged on the sad case of insurance agent Glenn Neasham, who ran afoul - quite by accident, it seems - of California insurance regulators and was sentenced to jail for selling an elderly woman an (as in one) annuity.

It appears that Mr Neasham was merely a piker:

"Prosecutors in California have accused Shawn Heffernan, a retirement planner and insurance agent, of persuading five older clients to surrender annuities and replace the contracts with new annuities"

To the tune of nearly half a million dollars, of which just shy of $300,000 (allegedly) went into Mr Heffernan's pockets.


Finally, our good friend Bob Graboyes dares to tell the ugly truth about all those nifty preventive care initiatives:

"[P]reventive measures generally increase rather than decrease costs."


Which is not to say that we should stop encouraging their use, just that we need to back off on the cost-savings-panacea talk:  "we shouldn’t spend time dreaming up ways to spend the savings that will result" (because we're going to be very disappointed).

Reminds me of something...
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