Friday, July 21, 2017

Taking it on Faith

So, got this in email today from Sally and Dave:

"Due to the cost per month now with [carrier], we are looking at one of the medical cost sharing programs.  If we finalize this, when do I need to notify [carrier]?  Our renewal date is August 1.  Thank you."

I replied:

"Don’t blame you. I actually know someone who’s in one of these and is pretty happy with it. He lives in another state, but presume is similar. Would you like me to connect you?

Also, whenever you do pull that trigger, just have to notify [carrier] to cancel. I can help with that when the time comes. It’s not a big deal

Sally responded:

"Thanks for the info.  Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.  I will call them.  I am close to finalizing with Medishare, so I don't think I need more info, but I appreciate the offer!  Thank you so much!"

I thanked her and Dave for their years as clients, and my hope that they'll keep me in mind for future insurance purchases.

So, what's the lesson here? Well, this family has, as a direct result of ObamaCare, lost their coverage It was a plan that fit their needs at (for a while) an acceptable cost. But now, they can no longer afford it, and a new ObamaPlan would cost even more, with even higher out-of-pocket exposure.

Of course, they'd still get "free" birth control convenience items and maternity coverage, something no late-50's couple should be without.

Sad, really.
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