Thursday, June 15, 2017

MMO on the Board

So got this in email from Medical Mutual this morning:

"Earlier this month, Anthem announced it would be exiting the Ohio ACA market for 2018. We at Medical Mutual understand this announcement adds uncertainty for brokers around the 2018 open enrollment period. We want to take this opportunity to alleviate some of that uncertainty for you, our valued broker partners."

Which is nice, and they go on to reassure us that they've already filed to offer ObamaPlans next year, and that they're "committed to offering individual health insurance options where it is feasible for us to do so."

While I appreciate the goodwill inherent in these kinds of non-committal messages, they really only serve to make a carrier look good by comparison (not exactly a high bar). And, as co-blogger Patrick points out:

"There wasn't a doubt they would participate. Likely they add a few counties but not the full 20 without an insurer. Plus, you haven't seen the rates yet."

Indeed. Considering that they may well be the only option in some areas, the likelihood is that rates will be even higher (after all, absent competition, what's to hold them down?).

And that's just one carrier, in one state. Our friend Holly R sent us this link to a map of the US showing states which will have at most one carrier next year:

[click to embiggen]

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