Monday, June 05, 2017

Another Outstanding Customer Service experience

So, we decided it's time for our now-9 month old puppy to finally have free rein (well, mostly) in the back yard. Some 17 years ago, we'd purchased an "invisible fence" type system for her predecessor (this one as a transmitter rather than an in-ground wire). When she passed, we tossed the radio collar (long story).

Fast forward two years, and I go online to buy a emplacement collar. What I didn't know (and failed to check) is that not all such collars (even ones from the same manufacturer) are equal. I soon learned this the hard way.

This weekend was "the" weekend, and I opened up the package, inserted the battery, and powered up. I could tell that the unit was powered on (the little LED blinked just fine), but I couldn't get it to actually work. In desperation, I even read the directions - but alas, no joy.

I called PetSafe's (the manufacturer) 800# helpline, and spoke with a very nice young lady who confirmed that I had purchased the type that goes with the hard-wired system, and suggested I contact the seller to see what could be done.

And so I did, and even though I'd bought the unit in April, and had opened it, they immediately refunded the entire purchase price, and set me up with the correct one (which should arrive tomorrow). I could not be happier.

And just who is this remarkable vendor? Well that would be (from which we've also been buying the little one's food). I just can't say enough good things about them.

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