Friday, June 23, 2017

A Must Read: (Re)Peeling an Onion

Writing at Cut Jib Newsletter blog, FoIB tsrblke offers an excellent take on the AHCA/BCRA (Better Care Reconciliation Act), as he attempts to thread the needle between two very different perspectives: Avik Roy and Michael Cannon.

I must say, he does an admirable job. Some examples:

- As regards Medicaid rollback: "slowing the growth of Medicaid is a huge win, if you think it will stick." [emphasis in original]

- Regarding tax credits: "still relying on “tax credits” that are paid directly to the insurer masking the true cost of the insurance."

And there's more. It's quite a good analysis, offered from (and for) a layman's perspective (although he's a PhD candidate in a medical-related field).

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