Thursday, May 04, 2017

Premier Health Update: Will they connect the dots?

So the other day we reported that Premier Health and United Healthcare had parted ways:

"[F]olks with either individual or group medical plans from UHC are no longer able to receive services at Premier Health facilities at negotiated rates, and their co-insurance obligations from these providers wil be treated as out-of-network."

This was, of course, a double-whammy, but it's not as if providers and insurers parting company (even if only temporarily) was all that rare.

But I've never seen this before:

"Premier Health ... [is] offering qualifying, non-Medicare UnitedHealthcare patients to pay a flat fee of $25 per primary care office visit, $30 for an e-visit, and $45 for a so-called virtual visit.
The primary care flat fee would be available for visits such as physicals, chronic-disease management and other routine or minor care."


Now, If only there were an actual, legit model built on this idea.

And Premier is one of the two large hospital groups in this market...

Here's the best part: Premier itself actually offers health insurance through its own company. So they already have the financial and technical infrastructure in place to put together a truly revolutionary model that solves the major drawback of Direct Primary Care (cat coverage). And hey: it would be completely ACA-compliant, as well.

Odds on their connecting the dots?

Yeah, me either.

[Hat Tip: FoIB Beth D]
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