Monday, May 15, 2017

Coffee saves lives: It's science!

Last week, it was wine's propensity for reducing the risk of Alzheimer's. This week, we learn that our morning cuppa may have an even more profound effect on our lives. Namely, the saving thereof:

"You actually would die without your coffee, research says"

Now waitaminute there, Henry, that's a might bold statement to make (SWIDT?). Sure you can back it up, or is this just weak tea?

Well, since you insist on pressing the issue:

"Research the world over is confirming that drinking coffee keeps you alive ... To get the health benefits of coffee, you have to drink it like you mean it."

Just let that percolate a moment. What does "like you mean it" supposed to mean?


"Drinking three to five cups of coffee per day gives you a longer life"

And for us men-folk, "[t]hree cups of Italian-style espresso per day cuts the risk of prostate cancer in half."

So, 6+ cups a day to live a long, healthy life?

That just drips with irony.
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