Friday, April 14, 2017

Twisting in the Wind

So, yesterday I fielded a call from a young lady looking for health insurance help. It seems that she travels quite a bit all over the country, and is having a very interesting (well, to me; problematic for her) issue:

She and her husband had been covered under his employer's plan, but that's gone away (I inferred that he'd been let go, but didn't pursue since I didn't need to know). She's been searching for replacement coverage herself, and is running out of time (they have but 5 days left on the Special Open Enrollment eligibility). The problem is that she needs a plan that will cover her while she's on the road.

Sorry, Charlie!

As we've mentioned, plans used be built on the PPO model, which offered (reduced) out-of-network coverage. Now (at least in this market) the only plans available are built on the HMO chassis, which basically covers out-of-network charges only for life-threatening emergency care.

So, get sick in Dayton, no problem.

Get sick in Milwaukee, problem.

I did tell her her that there are options:

First, Short Term Medical plans. These are still PPO-based, so she'd have coverage wherever she traveled in this great land of ours. But, they aren't ACA-compliant, and she can only keep a plan for 3 months at a time. And, of course, they don't cover any pre-exisiting conditions.

Second, I mentioned Dave's plan.

And third, I brought up Sharing Ministries.

She demurred on all three.

I did tell her I'd be happy to answer any other questions if she wants to cal back, but reminded her that the clock is ticking....
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