Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Killin' Time (and Doctors)

As we've noted over the years, Britain's Much Vaunted National Health System© may offer free health "care," but free isn't necessarily (or even usually) fast. Co-Blogger Bob tips us that it's not just the patients that are dying:

"A "talented" junior doctor who had spoken about the pressures of working in an A&E department has been found dead at her home."

[ed: A&E being "accident and Emergency" care facility]

What's particularly disturbing is that she's "the third female junior doctor to have gone missing or been found dead in Devon in little over a year." One committed suicide and another has been missing for over a month (after complaining of being depressed by the sad state of the MVNHS©).

Now, "Junior Doctors" face incredible pressure here, as well. But stories like this put the lie to the claim that government-run health care is a panacea. In fact, as Bob's friend Larry V observes:

"As I understand it, the cost of "free" health care is to be told you have a condition that if untreated will kill you in two years, but no worries, you have an appointment with a specialist in three years"

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