Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What Do Doctors Think About Gun Violence?

Gun violence is a polarizing topic that seems to come up following violent crimes that make national headlines. They also creep into the discussion during political races.

But what is gun violence and can we really change things by legislation?

While this detours from our normal subject matter at InsureBlog it is still relevant to the substance of this blog because gun injuries usually also involve health care.

I recently came across an article in The Good Life, a Dr. Oz magazine. From a professional perspective, I try to avoid conversations about religion, abortion, politics (well maybe not all the time) and things like gun violence. But this piece was quite interesting because of the subjects who were interviewed.

In spite of the inflammatory lead in, I decided to press forward.

More than double that, about 84,000, is how many are injured by guns annually. 

That certainly get's your attention. But it also begs the question, why are guns violent? Did they have a terrible time early on in their development or was the problem always then and then one day they just snapped?

The lead interview is with Dr. Milly Turakhia who is quoted as saying "You cannot tear down this problem just by taking away people's guns".

She goes on to address another public health issue, obesity. "We don't talk about locking up refrigerators" (in an effort to reduce obesity). Instead "We focus on wellness, education and prevention".

Her next comment is telling. She comes from Baltimore where the gun violence rate continues to rise despite the fact more guns are being seized.

More violence with fewer guns. Interesting paradox.

The article is a mix of moral, political and emotional comments. Overall it is balanced and a good read for those who are interested.

Feel free to read and offer your own comments. What doctors think about gun violence.

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