Friday, March 03, 2017

Singin' the Blues (Cross, that is)

FoIB Jeff M tips us to a pair of stories about our "friends" at Blue Cross/Shield of North Carolina. Regular readers may recall our recent reports on this bunch.

Turns out, they're still pushing the boundaries:

"North Carolina’s largest health insurer says it turned a $185 million profit in 2016 by cutting its exposure to the sicker-than-usual customers who bought [ObamaPlans] ... last year had 26 percent fewer ACA customers after increasing premiums by 32 percent"

Looks like they've found the magic combo:

Increase Prices
Decrease Insureds
But that's not all!

Remember last fall, when they got dinged for over $3.5 million for billing and other issues?

If you thought that would deter their highest execs from cashing in, well:

"Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC execs get $1 million-plus bonuses despite technology fiasco"

Nice gig.

Be nice if they'd pay the folks that actually generated that income for them, though.
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