Thursday, March 09, 2017

An Alternate Viewpoint

Our friend Rich W offers a different perspective on PubbieCare©:

"I had an epiphany: This new bill creates wage growth and cost control. You just have to use leftists' logic:

The $5,000 tax credit encourages employees to leave the non-group (ESI) market to chase the credit. Employers will recompensate employees with taxable wages to adjust for healthcare savings (new tax revenue/ wage growth). Employees will choose High Deductible plans so they can bank as much of credit into HSA (Health Savings Accounts) as possible.

These High Deductible plan buyers presumably use the system less because of out of pocket costs (cost control). It's all the same theory used to sell ACA Cadillac Tax to American people. How can the left deny the conclusions? They've already used this methodology.

And now we even have a detailed analysis of how indexing to inflation impacts the credit, the exact same math as happens to current Cadillac tax. Sad!"

Thanks, Rich, for sharing this with us.
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