Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Many Lives of "Grandma"

If you like your plan you can keep it. One of the biggest lies of Obamacare might end up having a little more truth than we all believe.

Back in November of 2013 President Obama directed his minions to write a rule extending the life of insurance policies that were in force before Obamacare to extend them an additional year. Less than six months later they issued a second order extending the deadline out to policies that end on January 1st of 2018.

These policies have become known as Grandmothered plans. Here at IB we have written extensively about these plans and the impending death of "Grandma".

Well, it turns out Grandma might be making a miraculous recovery. According to numerous industry insiders, the Trump Administration is making a strong push toward using Obama's own decisions against him. The push is so strong that the big elephant UHC, released a broker communication stating their intent to extend Grandmothered plans into 2018 "contingent on transitional relief being offered beyond December 31, 2017."

The good news for Grandma, at least in my opinion, is that once Tom Price is approved as Secretary of HHS I believe this move will be done immediately.

Obamacare hasn't pushed Grandma off a cliff. Her euthanizing has been postponed a couple of times. But now it appears that Grandma is stable and in fact could be immortal.
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